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e.l.f. Studio Baked Blush in Passion Pink for $3
(What it really looks like might vary from what it looks like on the website, as well as on your skin— like on my hand, in the right picture)

This claims to be shimmery— oh boy were they right. I have only tried applied it dry, and while it has pigmentation, it isn’t as bright as it looks in its container and it has shimmer to it. Not chunky, glittery, going-to-the-club shimmer, but more than what I expected. Regardless, it applies smooth and soft. Doesn’t dust off or anything; it sticks where you put it.

Perhaps it would look differently if I used a wet brush or sponge applicator? That is what they claim: “use a damp brush or sponge for a more vibrant effect.” I just worry that this might ruin it in its package. I guess if I take the leap of faith and try it damp, I will let you all know!

Over all, not bad. No weird odor, hasn’t sweated off, hasn’t cracked or turned to dust while clinking around in my makeup bag. Some people on the website say this is much smaller than what they expected, but the size/weight is posted right there. It’s not like they lied about it. I am not worried about its size; it seems like it will last a while. I have yet to make a dent in it.

I will definitely test out the other shades. They look pretty, just like this one.
My Rating: 4 out of 5